Spanish Fork Air Duct Cleaning, Camera Inspection & More!

Providing affordable Spanish Fork Vent Cleaning services along with our high-quality 4k camera inspection service. Don’t sell yourself short on your vents and experience low-quality vent cleaning services that aren’t beneifical. 

All our Spanish Fork Duct Cleaners are properly equipped with industry-leading tools and equipment. Allowing us to tackle even the dirtiest vents in both Residential and Commercial HVAC Systems. 

Top-Notch Vent Inspections In Spanish Fork

Many of our customers have never thought to have their vents Camera inspected before receiving a cleaning which to us just seems crazy! For too long vent cleaning companies have gotten away with low quality services. Not anymore, Vent Inspector works diligently every day providing Spanish fork with only the best vent inspections at affordable rates based off the number of vents in your home or business. 

After your Camera inspection our technicians have a much better understanding of the condition of your vents (Ducts) this process is highly encouraged by any professional air duct cleaner. Without performing a camera inspection you are simply guessing and putting your customers at potential risk if there is a break or disconnect in the line. Or say for example you have a rodent that has deceased in the vents, the last thing you want to do is brush and have it spread all throughout the system. Knowing what’s inside your vents helps make the cleaning process easier. 

Affordable Spanish Fork Air Duct Cleaning

Our Spanish Fork duct cleaners are some of the best in town! We are equipped with industry-leading brushes, air whips, negative air pressure machines, truck mounted air compressors, you name it, our guys have it on hand! You will quickly find when working with our air duct cleaners that we are friendly and quick to answer any questions you may have about your inspection or vent cleaning.

Experience what so many have already in our community have experienced by hiring our reliable air duct cleaning service in Spanish Fork, Utah. Our upfront and honest pricing structure are just one of many reasons why our customers choose us over our competitors.

 Cleaning your vents from start to finish with brushing, air pressure, sanitization, and a follow-up camera inspection to ensure we removed all contaminants that may be lurking inside your HVAC ducts. 

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Average Spanish Fork Air Duct Cleaning Cost

The price of cleaning your ducts as an industry standard is generally broken down by the cost of each vent and air return that is in your home or business. Some companies charge per sq footage which is more commonly seen in big industrial/commercial buildings. We However have different price points on what we have seen in the past of sq footage on generally how many vents are in the home. It’s important to note that every home has the same number of vents and air returns. Each home has a different vent system set up. This is just what we see as standard. In the past, we have had 3000+ sq foot properties that only had 13 vents and our service was much cheaper than what the customer was anticipating because of the number of vents.

A professional duct cleaning company won’t beat around the bush when it comes to pricing. We understand about how long the average home takes and what to expect. With that being said, here is iur Average Cost Duct Cleaning for Residential homes in Spanish Fork

800 sq ft - 1500 sq ft

  • $389 Flat Rate
  • 2 – 3 hours clean time

1,500 sq ft - 2,300 sq ft

  • $399 – $589
  • 3 – 4 hours clean time

2,300sq ft - 3,000sq ft

  • $589 – $749
  • 3 – 5 hour clean time

3000+ sq ft

We provide Free estimates on sq footage over 3000+ Different homes have different numbers of vents.

The prices are just what we see on average based on sq footage. As mentioned previously, every house has a different vent system and number of vents and air returns. We have seen large homes have much fewer vents then anticipated. It’s highly encouraged to go through and count the number of vents and air returns before calling and asking for pricing. We also strongly recommend asking questions and getting the full details on everything before proceeding with booking. It is fair to say to be careful for bait and switch companies. If it sounds to good to be true and their clean time is estimated to be very little then chances are you aren’t getting as good of service as you could be getting.

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Camera Vent Inspection Pricing

You may be wondering what the cost of our camera vent inspection service costs and what exactly it may include. Our technicians will come into your home or place of business and perform a full system video camera inspection inside your vents. Our technicians will also take pictures and note anything that may be out of the ordinary or something of concern for example a disconnect or deceased animal etc, etc. Our technicians will present everything and include notes in their inspection report when they are finished. 

800 sq ft – 1500 sq ft
$99 Flat Rate

1,500 sq ft – 2,300 sq ft

2,300sq ft – 3,000sq ft

3,000 – 5,000 sq ft

6,000 – 10,000 sq ft

10,001+ sq ft
Custom Pricing

Professional Spanish Fork Vent Inspection & Cleaning

Improving Indoor Air Quality One Job At A Time!

Local Spanish Fork Dryer Vent Cleaners

Our Spanish Fork Dryer vent cleaning services are hard to beat! Our technicians are trained to be able to handle even the toughest most clogged up, never been done before, code violations up the wazoo dryer vents. Lol. When I say we have seen it all, boy do I mean it. 

Our high quality camera equipment and high pressured air whips really come in handy when it comes to clogged dryer vents that aren’t venting properly. Our general approach is to hook up negative air on the outside vent of your dryer to create a suction that will collect all the dryer vent lint stopping a mess from being created during the cleaning process. 

After we have successfully cleared your dryer vent of any lint or build up our dryer vent cleaning technician will proceed by performing a camera inspection of your entire dryer vent line to ensure we removed all of the build up.

Same-Day Appointments & Fair Pricing

Our company understands how important it is to be able to dry your clothes and with that being said we strive to fit all of our dryer vent customers within the same day of calling us or the next. Generally it just depends on the time of the year and how busy we are. 

We have a few different price points for our dryer vent cleaning service. For Spanish Fork, our service call is much cheaper because we are local to Spanish fork. Most dryer vents that we don’t have to get up on the roof cost just $109 flat. Which includes our camera inspection. If we have to get on the roof then we charge an extra $50 – $100

We provide discounts practically at all times of the year and will happily competitor price match any legitimate air duct cleaning company. Be sure to check our Facebook or our Google My Business page for exclusive discounts. 

When hiring Vent Inspector you can expect that you are receiving the absolute best possible dryer vent cleaning or inspection service. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction with every dryer vent job performed. If ever you are dissatisfied with our service please don’t hesitate to ask to speak with a manager so our team can look into what may have gone wrong.

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